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About Monkie & Co.

Monkie & Co. is an exclusive collection of luxury clothing and accessories based in New York, NY and Seattle, WA

The distinguishing factor that drives Monkie & Co. is the Company’s focus on providing luxury, elegance and comfort in all of our products based on our founder Paula’s experience in knitwear design (MFA in knitwear from Parsons and designed for LVMH)

Monkie & Co’s staple line of Favorite Cashmere Infinity Scarves was first introduced in 2013 and came from the collaboration of founders Paula and Tiff

Initially intended to celebrate the relationship between pets and pet lovers, Paula and Tiff’s Favorite Cashmere Infinity Scarf idea took off and expanded to represent the meaningful relational element of human interactions and experiences

What determines a “favorite” scarf?  A “favorite” scarf is comfortable, warm, versatile and expressive.  By uniquely achieving the elusive balance in all of these elements, our Favorite Cashmere Infinity Scarf is for anyone, matches everything, goes anywhere and imparts fond memories of relationships, characteristics and experiences each time the scarf is worn

Monkie & Co’s Favorite Cashmere Infinity Scarf is the first in what Paula and Tiff hope will be an expanding line of clothing and accessories that enable people to express the relationships they cherish most